The 3 most popular kitchen colours – why choose them?

The 3 most popular colours for kitchen furniture

As in any interior, colour plays a particularly important role in kitchens, where even the slightest change in colour palette or shades can drastically change the mood and overall image of a room. A kitchen colour palette that suits your space will make living and cooking in it much more enjoyable. For example, darker shades are perfect for larger rooms, while lighter shades will suit more compact kitchens and create a feeling of spaciousness. The kitchen facades, tastefully colour-coordinated with the rest of the interior, will leave a pleasant impression on both your family and guests.

As exciting as kitchen design can be, it’s not always clear where to start and which colour palette to choose, so here’s a look at three of the hottest colour palettes of the moment and their characteristics.

1. White kitchens

A classic that never gets old – white kitchens. If you have a more conservative interior in mind, white kitchens are for you, because white is truly versatile. It will match virtually any design element and bring a feeling of light and spaciousness to your kitchen. Kitchen trends come and go, but white never loses its relevance. In addition, they will give your kitchen furniture a clean, flowing look, which is why white is so popular with minimalists and Scandinavian style lovers.

2. Kitchen in shades of blue

If you’re looking to experiment with colour, blue is the perfect choice. The dramatic effect they create will complement any kitchen project, and it’s easy to combine blue tones with wood or other design elements, for example. The blue colour palette has elegance and sophistication, but also retains its softness. The perfect choice for interior design lovers who are ready to move away from the usual neutral, light tones.

3. Grey kitchens

For many, grey is a happy medium between neutral light and dramatic dark tones. It’s no surprise that grey has become so popular so quickly, as it’s easy to match with other interior design elements and its versatility makes it stand out. A grey colour palette will make the room feel cosy and not too monotonous.

The 3 most popular colours for kitchen furniture – Conclusions

Choosing a kitchen colour palette is a matter of taste, but it’s important to be aware of how the colour palette you choose will affect the rest of the room and the interior of your home. If you’d like to start designing your kitchen project, feel free to contact our designers here!

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