How to incorporate metallic design elements in your kitchen

How to incorporate metallic design elements in your kitchen?

Planning a kitchen project allows you to express yourself and find the right solution for you. There are so many different styles to choose from, and once you’ve found the style that’s close to your heart, then you have to find the right facades, surfaces, handles, etc. Our designers will certainly assist you in this process, but you also need to know what you like and what your vision is for your kitchen project.

In this article, we’ll take a look and try to include the highlights of the perhaps less common, but undeniably good-looking metal design and its incorporation into kitchen projects.

There are several reasons for including metallic finishes. Above all, it’s an unusual way to highlight a room’s interior and metallic finishes are one of the latest trends that continue to gain popularity among design professionals.

Manufacturers, too, are expanding their collections to meet the wide range of demands.

The question then remains, how to successfully incorporate metal elements and realise your vision in your kitchen design?

1. Kitchen facades

Kitchen fronts are the most visible surface in a kitchen project, so it’s only natural that they might be the first to start adding to an existing kitchen design. Recently, solutions such as Niemann Pianovo’s titanium metallic-tone facades with Crumble effect have emerged. This type of facade is both highly scratch-resistant and complements kitchen furniture and introduces the desired metallic touch. Here you can see the project where the metal Pianovo facade has already been installed.

2. Metal kitchen appliances

Although kitchen appliances, like facades, will be one of the most noticeable features of a kitchen, the exact colours you want are often overlooked. But if you’re looking to introduce metallic elements into your project, then Appliances is the place to start, because with metallic coatings, Appliances has the widest choice, making it easy and affordable to find the right solution for your kitchen.

3. Kitchen furniture handles

Stainless steel handles have been replaced by leather, wood and other materials, but if you want to give your kitchen a more industrial look and introduce a more metallic element, metal handles from our partners Furnipart are a great place to start.

If you also want a fresh, personalised kitchen project, contact our designers here! They will help you with every detail, down to the smallest detail.

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