3 suggestions to complement your kitchen design

3 suggestions to complement your kitchen design

There are many different choices to be made during the kitchen design process, which will determine how the kitchen will look, how functional it will be, etc. Functionality in the kitchen is important, but that doesn’t mean giving up your preferred style and design variety.

Usually, when designing a kitchen, special attention is paid to the design mood, clean lines and colour palette, as these are the most important elements in the whole design process, but there are other finer details to make the kitchen less monotonous and provide a valuable addition to your home.

If you want to add to your kitchen project, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Wooden elements

Using wooden elements is a popular way to make a room feel cosier and more welcoming. In the kitchen, wooden elements can be incorporated practically anywhere – you can choose solid wood surfaces, fronts or open shelving. Shelving is a particularly rewarding solution, as it will not only add to the interior but also to the functionality of the kitchen.

2. Tile wall panel

A tile wall panel is a relatively uncommon solution that will complement any style of kitchen, it will fit in anywhere. It will complement the overall look of your kitchen and protect the wall from all kinds of dirt and scratches. A wall panel is an element that is often overlooked, but in addition to its function, it will give your kitchen a more fluid look.

3. Facades that bring diversity of colour and pattern

If you want a truly unique kitchen, you can find fronts in a wide range of patterns or colours. Often, this choice looks great when the type of frontage chosen is different from the rest of the kitchen and integrated into the design of, for example, a kitchen island.

Facades influence the feel of the kitchen and the home as a whole, as they fill most of the visible kitchen surface.

3 suggestions to complement your kitchen design – conclusions

The charm of a kitchen lies in the details, which together create the overall image. Even simple details like a tasteful wall panel or a wooden shelf can make a kitchen feel more welcoming, more homely.

Designing kitchen furniture is a long process, so if you have a new project in mind, our designers will help you from start to finish. Get in touch here!

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