Modern minimalism in the kitchen – how to achieve it?

Modern Minimalism

It’s clear that modern minimalism is at the top of the trends in contemporary kitchen furniture. This is an undeniable fact. This is due to the pleasing simplicity of minimalism, which gives a light, pleasant design with nothing superfluous. But this can lead to the next snag – an interior that is too sterile and can seem impersonal. How to fix it?

1. Textures and wood

To make the room more homely, it is advisable to include more different textures in the interior. This way, surfaces won’t look so monotonous and sterile. It should also be remembered that wooden elements give a warmer and more pleasant feel. One of the aims is to achieve a tasteful contrast that will bring out the nuances of a room or piece of furniture without overwhelming the overall mood of the room.

2. Warm lighting

The importance of lighting in interior design has been mentioned countless times. But less often are its details discussed. Of course, lighting is very important because it can bring out the different nuances of a room, but it is even more important to tailor the lighting to the room. For example, in a more minimalist interior, the lighting should be a little warmer than usual, so that the room doesn’t look like a completely sterile, impersonal environment.

3. Decor combinations

Decor is often not taken as seriously as it should be in the kitchen. Of course, the facades and surfaces and their materials determine the overall mood of the space, but the different decorations also play a very important role in the overall perception of the space. These can be shelves, utensil holders, a more interesting table or special-style chairs. If they are chosen correctly, the result will always be great!

Modern minimalism – right for you?

Minimalism with a cosy feel is the best a homeowner could ever wish for. It gives a design that is clean, free of all superfluities, but maintains a homely feel and does not create a sterile environment. It is important to remember that it is not always necessary to go for a particular style. Sometimes the best results come from combining the best standards from several styles!

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