How to choose your kitchen layout?

How to choose your kitchen layout?

Once you’ve decided to focus on remodelling your kitchen, it’s time to think carefully about what you need for everyday use. Which worktop layout do you prefer – do you like to cook standing up or sitting down, do you have enough space for an island in the kitchen, and should you put cupboards on both walls or just one? It is very important that the end result is exactly what you want and need. Make your new kitchen exactly what you want. When you start planning your kitchen layout, try to optimise the whole space, focus on design functionality to meet the requirements of all family members. We remember that we are not all stamped with the same yardstick, and there is no need to create morning adventures for children, like reaching through the blind to the breadbox.

For narrow spaces

A column layout is a practical and appropriate way of arranging kitchen appliances in tight spaces. Since space is limited in the horizontal plane, you need to think vertically – maximising the space allowed by the size of the kitchen from bottom to top. Equipment should be placed on walls in such a way as to maximise its use, but also to be easily accessible. Use this feature to your advantage – fill your walls with innovative shelves or cabinets to store crockery or other household essentials.

For larger rooms

For larger spaces, try an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen layout design with a neat worktop island or peninsula with integrated storage containers and shelves. Such elements are convenient and multifunctional. They are not only handy for cooking, but also serve a great storage function for tableware and objects. This layout allows you to place the cabinets you need for your kitchen on more lower levels, freeing up walls and visually extending the kitchen space. The easiest and most effective way to understand which kitchen layout you like best is to look at pictures of finished kitchen projects.

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Published: 5.03.17

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