Why design your next kitchen project in blue?

Designing your kitchen in blue? Sounds crazy!

Interior design trends tend to change particularly rapidly, with light and pastel colours having previously been the colour palette of choice, but blue has only recently come into the spotlight. In the past, you may have seen more light blue shades, but more and more kitchens are being designed with dark blue elements and facades.

Why have blue shades been so popular with kitchen designers? How can it be adapted to the interior to meet modern standards?

Blue is one of the most recent alternatives to the neutrals that dominate kitchen furniture design. These shades will make your kitchen project stand out, make it stand out and look even better when combined with another colour such as white. This combination would not only add contrast but also a feeling of cosiness to the kitchen project.

Contrary to what you might think at first glance, dark blue is also easy to match with other elements, such as solid wood or other brown elements. The rust tones as well as the wood tones complement the blue tones and create a surprisingly pleasant combination that will fit into a wide range of home interiors.

The big plus is that with blue you get a colour palette that has the elegance and sophistication of darker shades, it’s also quite neutral but also softer. The sophistication yet simplicity of the blue colour makes it an excellent choice. The dramatic mood they create will complement any kitchen project.

Blue is a choice that many people have unexpectedly chosen for their kitchen project. This is due to the growing interest in complementing the interior colour palette so that the home does not look so monotonous. Blue is easy to match with lighter elements and will also serve as a great alternative to the popular grey shades.

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