Open kitchens – the choice for modern living

Open kitchens

Many people say they prefer an open-plan kitchen, but just as many say they prefer to stay and cook in a closed kitchen. Of course, every layout has its pros and cons, so you can make the right choice based on your preferences and the possibilities that the home offers.

There is no right or wrong type of kitchen layout, you just need to adapt the type you choose to your needs.

Kitchens usually adapt to our lifestyles and habits. There are many different sizes, layouts and styles, but modern minimalism and open-plan kitchens are gaining popularity – but why choose them? What are open-plan kitchens and how do they differ?

Open plan kitchen

The first benefit worth mentioning is the most important. The open-plan layout will not feel cramped, as the kitchen will not be squeezed between four walls. The kitchen will feel bigger and brighter, as light will flood in from the rest of the room. Natural light is particularly important, as it makes the room look both larger and cosier.

The open plan makes the space flow more, as the kitchen is combined with the living room, allowing the host to work in the kitchen without leaving guests alone. This is a quality that both host and guests will appreciate, because no matter how much work needs to be done in the kitchen, guests will not be left behind.

Of course, open-plan kitchens give you the opportunity to spend more time with your family – as everyone knows, cooking takes a lot of time – so combining the kitchen with the living room allows you to use that time to, for example, chat with family members.

Open plan is no longer just a trend, it has become a way to integrate a great kitchen furniture project into the rest of the home. The layout allows you to design the kitchen, whatever the size of the space, so that it serves both as a function and as a pride of home to show off to friends and family.

It’s worth noting that open-plan kitchens can have a few downsides, such as:

1. There is no separation between the kitchen and living room, so any odours or steam from the kitchen will spread throughout the room, which may disturb or cause discomfort to other occupants or visitors.

2. Less storage, because less usable walls means fewer cupboards and shelves to store everyday kitchen essentials.

Open plan kitchens are kitchens that combine. They adapt to today’s fast-paced life and give you the opportunity to socialise while cooking. Open-plan kitchens offer a variety of customisation options to suit your existing home interior, as well as your preferences and needs.

If you too are interested in starting your own open kitchen project but don’t know where to start, contact our designers here!

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