An important kitchen design decision – which style to choose

Which style to choose?

Sometimes finding the right kitchen solution is easy if you already have a strong interior style guideline to follow, but finding the right style for you is often more difficult than it might first seem. It’s a well-known fact that the kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s not just a place to cook, it’s also a place where family and friends come together, so combining functionality and practicality is particularly important.

3 main styles are the latest trends:

Classic cuisine

What is classic cuisine? The answer can be as varied as shades of white. It includes the widely-recognised light tones, simple yet subtle details such as beaded fronts and delicate handles that give the kitchen an authentic and canvas-like feel that homeowners can enhance with accent elements. High-quality materials give the kitchen both visual and functional value.

Minimalist/modern kitchen

A modern kitchen is the epitome of sophistication, attractiveness and quality. Tasteful and durable worktops are accentuated with subtle but thoughtful decor and a predominantly monochrome palette, with a few accent elements such as tasteful handles or kitchen appliances. The term “modern” can vary greatly from person to person, but when you think of a minimalist kitchen, you immediately think of fluid, horizontal lines, a monochromatic colour palette and simplistic design that combines both the aesthetic and the functional.

Scandinavian-style cuisine

Think of Scandinavian-style kitchens as a cousin of minimalism, with fluid, strong lines and natural materials. This style of kitchen is practical and functional, with a refreshing look thanks to the white colour palette that brightens up the overall interior. Tasteful accents are also included, often in light, high-quality solid wood. A bright and cosy kitchen design with wooden surfaces or elements to suit all tastes.

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