Kitchen furniture in two colours – dual design for modern interiors

Kitchen furniture in two colours

If you find that monochromatic kitchens are not quite your thing, don’t worry – there are other options! There are countless ways to add a touch of class to a kitchen, one of which is with two-tone facades – a trend that has been on the style charts for a long time. Two-tone kitchens are simple in appearance, but won’t appear monotonous, which is sometimes not the case with monochromatic kitchens. Although this trend has been around for a long time, it is expected to continue for a long time.

The two-tone solution is most often implemented by combining white tones with black or grey facades. As you can see, something in between – metal – has been chosen. If you’re aiming for a more classic kitchen design, then choose your favourite light shade and match it with another darker shade to create contrast and bring a different feel to your kitchen. The possibilities are endless and there really is a solution for everyone.

Still not convinced by the colour palette options? Feel free to swap restrained, neutral tones for variations on blues, beiges or even wood-patterned facades. It all depends on your preferences and the layout of your home. Typically, kitchens have been designed to blend in with the rest of the interior and hide from view as much as possible, but a modern home is characterised by a modern kitchen, but this can easily be changed by adding a more interesting design element to the kitchen.

A kitchen designed in two tones is not always meant to stand out. In this case, the kitchen design has a different, specific goal – to achieve an industrial yet cosy feel. Metal facades and exposed kitchen appliances are balanced with the natural look of solid wood. The combination of white and metallic facades, solid wood worktops and a small tile wall panel creates an outstanding kitchen design that combines industrial, modern and cosy moods. Enough of everything, in the perfect combination, to create a pleasing, tasteful design.

Whatever the size of the room, a dual-tone kitchen design will give it character and the opportunity to highlight a particular part or area of the room. We would also like to remind you that in order to achieve the best results, you should never experiment with textures, patterns and design elements, as this is the only way to find the right solution for your taste.

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but don’t quite know where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! For a 3D visualisation of your kitchen design and a free first consultation, sign up here!

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