Modern industrialism – how to design a functional kitchen that won’t grow old

Modern industrialism

Industrial style is not new, but like any other style, industrial kitchen furniture is evolving with the times and with overall furniture trends. Nowadays, it offers an elegant solution for the kitchen that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Many interior designers say that industrial style is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to cook like a pro and want their kitchen to reflect that. Industrial kitchens have become particularly popular in studio-style layouts, where the kitchen furniture can be shown off to others.

Kitchen functionality without compromise

Kitchen furniture dominated by exposed metal surfaces, rough design and open shelving. All of this with one thing in mind – functionality is a kitchen priority! Following this style is a choice that homeowners appreciate many years later, because industrialism is not only about functionality now, but also for the future. All the elements – the wide, open surfaces, the predominance of metallic materials and the simple design – will make kitchen maintenance and care much, much easier in the days ahead. But the question is: what defines an industrial kitchen?

Open design is at the heart of everything

Modern industrialism is usually open, it has to be somewhere that everyone can see and appreciate immediately. It doesn’t even have to be kitchen furniture, industrial style doesn’t have to be hidden. That’s why we’ve already mentioned that an industrial-style kitchen is perfect for homes where the kitchen space is connected to the living room.

Open shelves for function

Open shelving is at the heart of the indutrial style. As mentioned, industrial style is primarily focused on functionality, so open shelving plays a big role – everything you need should be at your fingertips. But it’s also important to think about what’s on the open shelves, because every exposed element adds character, value and impact to the overall look of the kitchen furniture. If you want to highlight your furniture and create a more unusual feel, then aged wood or solid wood shelving, for example, will do the trick. This combination will brighten up your kitchen and bring back a feeling of cosiness.

Metallic lustre and other materials

A few simple changes can have a big impact on the overall look of your interior and really personalise your kitchen. Metallic surfaces and their shine are at the heart of the industrial style, but it is important to complement this with other elements , such as leather furniture. It could be sofas, chairs or something similar. If you want to take it a step further, metal lamps add a distinct industrial touch!

Uncovered kitchen appliances

The emphasis is on metallic sheen, so the appliances in an industrial-style kitchen will almost always be exposed for all to see. While typically we try to hide appliances behind facades and integrate the float into the kitchen interior, in the case of the industrial kitchen, the exposed, metal surface of the appliances is part of the interior design.

Modern Industrialism – Summary

Industrial style is the perfect solution for any home. Its focus on the functionality of the furniture will make the pleasures of the kitchen all the more pronounced, while retaining your design touch. Industrialism comes in all shapes and colours, so the choice is yours!

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