Kitchen furniture without wall cabinets – when less is better

Kitchen furniture without wall cabinets

The simplicity and accessibility of Scandinavian style is what makes it so popular and sought-after around the world today. The fluid lines used in the furniture design and the light design create a pleasant and visually pleasing kitchen interior that is a pleasure to be in and to work in every day.

One of the solutions that is often used and characteristic of the Scandinavian style is a kitchen layout without wall cabinets. It’s a modern and stylish solution that can fit any type of medium-sized kitchen. However, before choosing such a furniture layout for your kitchen, we recommend that you carefully consider all the pros and cons of such an interior.

Kitchens without wall cabinets can add many features to a kitchen interior that will make it more harmonious, more modern and give it a distinct feeling of spaciousness – making it a much more pleasant environment to be in. But to make an objective assessment of such a choice, both the positive and the negative side must be weighed.

Positive features:

  • Cost-effective – this solution saves you money on kitchen cabinets, costing around 1/4 less than the kitchen cabinet option.
  • Spacious – a kitchen without massive wall cabinets and closed shelving visually appears much larger and bulkier.
  • Light – no shadows on the worktop, which are inevitable when using wall cabinets in the kitchen. Good kitchen lighting makes cooking easier.
  • Easy to maintain – this solution saves the time and effort usually spent cleaning wall cabinets. Usually, the most messy part of cleaning kitchen wall cabinets is above the stove, where all the grease and grime that build up during the cooking process accumulate. This solution reduces the unacceptability of scrubbing and the daily use of chemical cleaners.
  • Safe – safety in your home is one great advantage, especially if you have children in your family. If your kitchen was installed by non-professionals, the wall cabinets may not stay where they were originally intended.
  • Visually interesting – doing away with kitchen wall cabinets opens up other possibilities that can perfectly complement your chosen interior style. For example, different open wall shelving and solutions.

Not so positive features:

  • This is not suitable for small kitchens, where every cm of space is important to make the most of it.
  • Reduced storage space for kitchen utensils – kitchens without wall cabinets have much less storage space. Often this solution may not be so practical, unless you plan to build a kitchen island that solves the problem.
  • Visibility of wall defects – If you are planning a kitchen layout without wall cabinets, make sure that the kitchen walls are in a condition that doesn’t make you sad when you look at them every day. It is essential that all walls are straight and neat.
  • Fighting dust – even if you don’t have to clean the kitchen wall cabinets, you may have to spend even more time and patience dusting household items on open shelves.

Kitchen furniture without wall cabinets – is it worth it?

A kitchen layout without wall cabinets has its pros and cons. But there’s no denying that this kitchen layout is visually very pleasing and will certainly suit anyone who prefers beauty to practicality.

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but don’t quite know where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! For a 3D visualisation of your kitchen design and a free first consultation, sign up here!

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