How and why design monochromatic black kitchen furniture?

Monochrome kitchens

Designing a kitchen is a very responsible process because, as we already know, the kitchen strongly influences or even dictates the mood of the rest of the home. If you have been through this process before, you will know how time-consuming it is because there are SO MANY CHOICES to make! Even choosing a colour palette can take an unexpected amount of time, purely because there are hundreds of options and you can never fully understand which solution or colour combination will look best in your kitchen.

Monochromatic kitchen furniture is gaining more and more attention precisely to solve this difficult problem, so you won’t have to wonder for very long which cobination will be the most suitable. Black kitchen furniture is particularly popular. Why? The design speaks for itself..

The classic shades of white are increasingly being replaced by other shades

While white monochrome or white-dominated kitchens are design classics that will never grow old, kitchen trends change and every year clients want to see something new, unusual and exciting. That’s why white shades are increasingly being replaced by creamy, pastel or the more common black and dark, dark grey shades. They are a great choice not only because they will look great in any home, but also because they will hide dirt, scratches and other stains better. In addition, materials like FENIX will take your kitchen design into a whole new era. Nanotechnology materials can “heal” small scratches and black FENIX facades will create a striking, minimal feel that everyone will love.

Monochrome, neutral kitchen furniture will fit into any interior

As we mentioned earlier, a monochromatic solution is rewarding precisely because of its adaptability. Choosing one colour means that the furniture won’t be too “mottled”, so it’s easier to match other design elements to give the kitchen a “pop”.

Whatever your design requirements for the rest of the home, a monochromatic kitchen palette will make it easy to tie in with the rest of the home without too much thought. Depending on your choice of colour, kitchen furniture can serve as the home’s main design reference point, defining the interior design language.

To keep the kitchen monotonous – style and design elements

In a monochromatic kitchen, design elements and the overall style of the space are key. The simplicity that the dominance of one colour brings to a kitchen must be balanced with other elements. In this case, it is seen in the wall panel, which brings a minimal but noticeable variety – the marble pattern. It’s worth mentioning that monochromatic kitchens are the best option if you’re aiming for modern, contemporary minimalism. But if you don’t want your kitchen to become too monotonous, you’ll also need to incorporate elements that can give it personality. Here’s a great example, incorporating metallic elements into the kitchen that create glare, but maintain or even complement the clean, flowing design feel that makes this kitchen so special!

Monochromatic kitchens – is it worth it?

Monochrome kitchen furniture is exactly what many new homeowners dream of! A design that can be easily adapted to any home, the kitchen will easily incorporate other elements and the choice of colour palette is yours, because monochrome goes with everything!

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but don’t quite know where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! For a 3D visualisation of your kitchen design and a free first consultation, sign up here!

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