Matt or glossy facades? What are the pros and cons?

Matt or glossy facades?

One of the most visible parts of kitchens are their facades, so before designing a kitchen project, it is important to consider what coating to choose? Glossy or matt? But the pros and cons are not really clear, so in this article we will take a closer look at why matt coatings have become so popular so quickly, and why glossy facades are still relevant.

It’s not just about the look, the facade coating will affect not only the design of your kitchen furniture, but also how it functions in everyday life. For example, depending on whether matt or gloss facades are chosen, their properties, scratch resistance and maintenance requirements may vary.

Glossy facades

Glossy facades have a strong glare and are therefore ideal for illuminating a smaller space, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

The pros of glossy facades:

  • Give a feeling of spaciousness
  • Easy to maintain

Disadvantages of glossy facades:

  • Dirt easily visible
  • Glossy facades should be cleaned more often than matt facades
  • Other kitchen colours will also be reflected

Frosted facades

Matt facades are more popular than ever, thanks to the burgeoning popularity of modern minimalism and Scandinavian style. Matt fin ishes are associated with these styles because the matt finish hides stains better, doesn’t create glare and gives the kitchen a cohesive, elegant feel.

The advantages of matt facades:

  • Give texture to your kitchen
  • Does not reflect light
  • Better conceals scratches and other dirt

Disadvantages of matt facades:

  • Will not give a sense of wider space
  • Greasy stains may be easier to see on a uniformly matt background
  • Be more careful during grooming

Matt or glossy facades? Conclusions!

The facade coating will definitely influence the mood of the whole kitchen area, so this choice between gloss and matt coating should be made carefully and according to your needs. For example, if you don’t want to maintain your kitchen surfaces every day, matt finishes may be more suitable as they hide stains better.

If you are also interested in designing a new kitchen project, but are still unclear about the finishes to choose, contact our designers here! They will answer every question and provide you with a free visualisation of the project!

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