A bright kitchen in classic Scandinavian style

A bright kitchen in classic Scandinavian style

The possibilities for kitchen design are endless. You can choose whatever combination your heart desires – from dark tones and metallic elements to light tones and combinations of wooden elements.

This beautiful and bright kitchen shows how Scandinavian style is very much at the forefront of modern interior design. Scandinavian style focuses mainly on light tones to brighten the room and make the most of the natural light that is available.

Kitchen fronts are one of the most visible surfaces in the kitchen, so they play a particularly important role in the interior design. Inspired by classic Scandinavian style, our kitchen project features Niemann glossy acrylic facades that will give the room both a clean look and a strong sense of spaciousness.

Both the island and the rest of the kitchen are made from premium laminate from German manufacturer EGGER. Tastefully coordinated, the kitchen elements create an elegant, bright and cosy overall look. Coordinated elements are one of the prerequisites for modern kitchen design, which is why the windowsills and open shelving in this room are also made from EGGER premium laminate.

Our kitchens emphasise functionality as much as elegant and pleasing design. Blum fittings and Vauth-Sagel kitchen basket systems ensure funckionality in this kitchen project, allowing you to store all the utensils you need conveniently.

In keeping with the minimalist feel of the kitchen, the low-profile Furnipart Straight Edge handles were chosen , with their dark design creating a contrast with the light overall look of the kitchen. The Straight Edge model is a great option if you want to stick to a minimalist design, as these handles have a simple design and low profile.

We design kitchen furniture to meet the individual requirements of each client, so every project we create is individual and tailored to the home. The client is the key and everything is made in the client’s name, which is why we are able to create projects for large private houses as well as more compact apartments, because we always find a solution!

If you’re interested in starting your own kitchen project, our designers are here to help! Book your free consultation and sketches here.

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