Hi-Tech kitchen: for a modern home

Hi-Tech kitchen with island

An elegant corner kitchen that has found its home in a private house in Upesciems. The painted, glossy MDF fronts with milled handles give the kitchen a modern and clean look. The kitchen is carefully matched to the overall interior of the house, according to the owners’ wishes and requirements.

Hi-Tech kitchen with modern materials

Hi-tech kitchen with spacious cupboards

The wall cabinets are arranged on 2 levels and also feature high-quality LED lighting, which makes working in the kitchen much brighter. LED lighting is one of the most important parts of a kitchen, as the right lighting accentuates the contours of the kitchen and perfectly complements its design.

Hi-Tech kitchen with modern materials and stone worktops

The worktop used in the project is a white Technistone quartz surface. The thin surface adds extra bonus points to the overall look of the kitchen. The combination of white quartz surfaces and grey, glossy facades only accentuates the minimalist feel.

Hi-Tech kitchen with modern materials and integrated kitchen appliances

The Franke sink and mixer tap have been carefully matched to the kitchen design. A sink integrated under the surface gives the kitchen a more fluid look.

Kitchen stone worktop

The kitchen wall panel is painted glass. The kitchen also features a peninsula with a tabletop overhang, so you can sit and enjoy your meals from the other side.

Hi-Tech kitchen with modern materials
Dwelling with living room wardrobe

In the same house, in the living room combined with the kitchen, this elegant TV furniture with a solid wood shelf and recessed lighting was built. Solid wood is a great design element that adds character, creates contrast with other furniture and prevents the room from becoming monotonous.

TV with white cabinet

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but aren’t quite sure where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! For a 3D visualisation of your kitchen design and a free first consultation, sign up here!

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