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Current kitchen furniture designs

The double kitchen island with integrated seating is an elegant and very modern solution. It has become one of the hottest design trends in kitchen furniture. The kitchen is very functional and spacious. The stone worktops throughout the kitchen combined with the gold elements create a feeling of purity and treasure in the home.

This wonderful project is designed for optimum functioning, built for regular use and will serve the client for many years. The kitchen design is unique, with the stove top on an island and wooden fronts matching the ceiling and floor. The kitchen design is particularly attractive, with black elements blending in with the predominant wooden structure, creating a cosy atmosphere in the home. The white stone table top refreshes the classic colour combination.

This kitchen is ergonomically designed. This means that the kitchen is designed to adapt to the user, not the other way around. For example, the height of the table top is adjusted to the height of the user. The kitchen has some cool aspects that make it especially handy. It has a modern basket system and only a few handles, and mostly all drawers and cupboards can be opened without handles. As you can see, the subtle wood details, accentuated shadow lines and elaborate display space bring the kitchen together. This kitchen fits perfectly in a modern open-plan home.

This is a bright kitchen. This kitchen uses a bright white palette with wooden accents, and is simple yet elegant. The table top is made of plywood with a special plastic pressed on, but the manufacturer offers several table top options – laminate in any other colour, or a solid stone table top. The project is refreshed by the various kitchen accessories and plants, and the pleasant mix of light and dark tones.

Elegant kitchen. This project is designed as a group of linked elements, conceived as a series of versatile components. Designed to complement each other: bench, wardrobe, shelf, together they form the magnificent end result. The kitchen is a real success for the producers. Black and white, minimalist with a touch of wood structure. The accessories are matched to the kitchen design and colours. The worktop is metal, which makes the overall design of the kitchen completely unique.

This kitchen is modern, but with a playful retro twist that makes it unique. A gas cooker has been replaced by an electric hob and the kitchen wall has been tiling. The project’s attractive design uses crisp, clean lines that reveal the warmth of the wood. This kitchen is a perfect example of modern style with a touch of retro.

We hope these kitchen examples will inspire you and make it easier to get good ideas for planning your kitchen furniture.

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