Modern kitchen in dark colours

Kitchen in dark colours – still hot?

We are pleased to introduce one of our newest and most sophisticated kitchen furniture sets. This individual project reflects our commitment to providing our customers with excellent quality and attention to detail.

Kitchen in dark shades

The kitchen is minimalist. The kitchen handles have been replaced by profile mouldings, so all cabinets can be opened without handles. The kitchen uses a 12mm thick stone worktop from Dekton, one of the highest quality and most expensive worktop solutions. It adds an extra touch of modern elegance to the kitchen.

Kitchen in dark colours with chairs

This is a U-shaped kitchen with a large kitchen unit in the middle. The ”U” kitchen is particularly handy for meal preparation, as it is easy to move around the worktop and everything you need is within easy reach. As you can see, the kitchen is elegant and not too massive, blending in well with the rest of the room.

Kitchen in dark colours with modern facades

The hidden gem of this kitchen is theNikolaTeslahob with integrated extractor hood. What does it mean? This means that the cooker hood is built into the cooker hob, rather than being fixed to the ceiling or wall. This aspect makes the kitchen even more exclusive. And the fact that the sink is built into the table top is a cool touch. There are always small crumbs left in the kitchen after a household, which can then be conveniently wiped down the sink.

Kitchen furniture with blade table top

The quality and layout of the facilities were given particular attention in the design of this project. The corner has a spacious shelf for glasses, dishes and other kitchen utensils. For better design and more storage space, the kitchen has a built-in fridge with shelves above. A special “ELEKTROLUX” wine cabinet will be a special place for your drinks to be at exactly the temperature you want them.

Solid wood table top with kitchen chairs

The kitchen also has a veneered oak counter with integrated led lighting underneath. The lath gives the kitchen a cosy feel and connects the interiors of the kitchen and dining area.

If you want a kitchen but you’re not sure exactly what you want, call us! Consult our team. We’ll help you choose the right kitchen furniture set and give you a free 3D sketch. Write or call today!

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Thanks to our partners ”Bosch” ”NikolaTesla” ”ELEKTROLUX” ”Dekton

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