Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is the space where functionality and design interact most directly. Lighting plays a big part in the visual design of a kitchen, and is often one of the main factors in determining the overall mood of a room. When a room is bright and well-lit, it is usually more pleasant to work and stay in. It is therefore important to choose lighting objects with a luminous warmth that matches your character and preferences. Upgrading your kitchen lighting can be one way to freshen up your existing kitchen. This can be done in a variety of ways, by introducing dimmable light switches, by incorporating LED lamps or strings into kitchen cabinets, by installing new, additional lighting objects or even by replacing a lamp that was bought to celebrate the entry of humanity into the 2nd century. millennium.

Typically, kitchen lighting is divided into three main areas – general room lighting, work area lighting and eating area lighting. Each of these zones has its own function, so the lighting you install should take into account your habits and the activities you do most in your kitchen on a daily basis. Do you cook often, entertain guests or spend much time in the kitchen? Maybe your house or apartment has a studio layout, and kitchen downlights can create a subdued and calm atmosphere in your living room. Well-planned and successfully installed, lighting can, in the truest sense of the word, enhance your kitchen’s interior and bring out the details. Here are a few examples of kitchen lighting solutions.

Kitchen with LED lighting

LED light bulbs built into the cabinets

LED bulbs embedded in the floor of cabinets are one of the most popular ways to illuminate kitchen worktops. This could be LED light units, which come in different lengths, or individual bulbs, which are integrated into special dedicated cabinet floors, the number of which can vary according to the size of the cabinet and your preference. This way you can always have the light you want in your kitchen work area.

LED Kitchen lighting

LED string lights built into cabinets

Similar to LED bulbs, LED strings are embedded in the floor of the cabinets, but usually as an additional operation before the installation of your appliance. When a special place is milled into the cabinets for this string of lights. This solution diffused the light evenly and covered the entire required work surface. Led light strings are one of the most popular work surface lighting solutions.

Kitchen with sau and stone worktop

Suspended ceiling luminaires

If your kitchen is equipped with a kitchen island, it is worth considering additional lighting above it. Stylish pendant lights that match your interior can not only make a positive impact on the visual appearance of your kitchen, but also highlight the importance of the kitchen island in your space and make working on it much more convenient and comfortable.

Elegant Kitchen Design with Kitchen Island

Kitchen cabinets illuminated from the inside

This is a practical and handy solution for dark, tall and deep kitchen cabinets. If the kitchen facades have glass elements, they can give the kitchen a cosy and romantic feel by inserting LED bulbs. It will perfectly highlight your favourite collection of porcelain plates or tea service.

Kitchen lighting

Illuminated cabinet top

Illuminating the top of kitchen cabinets with different lighting objects may not be the most practical solution, but it looks very aesthetic and pleasing. It can bring out the interior details of your kitchen unit and visually expand the space.

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