Clean lines and elegance – how to design a modern minimalist kitchen?

how to design a kitchen in a modern minimalist style – Tips & Tricks

Modern minimalism is still going strong and becoming more popular, and its influence can be felt in other styles that are also very popular, with the main features of modern minimalism appearing in industrial and Scandinavian-style kitchens, among others.

Have you considered the idea of bringing a minimalist feel to your kitchen? Our designers have found that a minimalist feel not only improves the aesthetics of a kitchen, but also its functionality. Kitchens in particular benefit from the introduction of modern minimalism, as kitchens are often cluttered with often unnecessary utensils. Here are some tips on how to incorporate minimalism into your kitchen:

Kitchen with island and three chairs

1. Too much, too bad

The aim of minimalism is to give kitchen furniture a more fluid look and to get rid of unnecessary utensils, appliances and possibly other items that can be found in the kitchen space. Make sure your kitchen has everything you need, but nothing more. The challenge is to avoid including too many details, so you should try to optimise every part of the kitchen. A monochromatic colour palette is strongly recommended, but if you wish to include other shades, they should be used sparingly.

To make sure everything you need is always in its place and doesn’t get in the way of your cooking, it’s a good idea to include clever solutions like kitchen baskets, hidden bins and utensil organisers. These solutions are essential to achieve the desired result and give the kitchen an elegant, clean feel.

White Scandinavian-style kitchen

2. Clean lines

One of the most distinctive features of this style is its clean lines. Sharp corners, milled handles and square edges contribute to the minimalist feel. Modern minimalism is known for geometrically simple, rectangular or square shapes, so keep this in mind when choosing your kitchen furniture. Thoughtful shapes and design elements will create a tasteful, modern feel in your kitchen.

Kitchen with laminate worktop and wall panel

3. Focus on a few elements

To avoid the kitchen becoming too saturated, it is preferable to focus on one or two elements, such as the wall panel and the kitchen island, which set the mood for the whole room. That’s why it’s a good idea to use as few different shades as possible, otherwise the kitchen becomes too mottled or, on the contrary, too dull and unexpressive.

Dark Kitchen furniture with wooden table top and island

4. Highlighting the beauty of materials

Minimalism tends to get rid of unnecessary details and focus on the look and texture of materials, so the right combinations of materials are essential in kitchen design. Wooden elements or, for example, imitation concrete, have visible patterns and do not need to be decorated with anything else.

Kitchen pictures from the blog - Clean lines and elegance - how to design a kitchen in a modern minimalist way?

how to design a kitchen in a modern minimalist style – summary

The modern, minimalist style will make your everyday kitchen chores easier, as you get rid of all the unnecessary clutter and, consequently, all the cooking utensils you need. In addition, the minimalist design will perfectly complement and harmonise with the interior of your home.

If you’re interested in designing a new kitchen but still don’t know what style you want, contact our designers here! They will answer every question and provide you with a free visualisation of the project!

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