Kitchen wall panel: trends

Wall panel

Functionality combined with elegant design is at the heart of any tasteful kitchen, and for centuries a multifunctional wall panel has been integrated into kitchen furniture projects to successfully combine these two qualities in the kitchen.

Our designers are also keen to include wall panels in our kitchen designs, as the benefits are countless. The wall panel solution makes the kitchen sustainable, as well as protecting the wall from dirt and making cleaning up after kitchen work easier. This will not only prolong the life and quality of your kitchen, but will also give your kitchen furniture a more fluid look and serve as an element that complements the kitchen surface or facade.

A wall panel can serve as an element to help integrate your kitchen design into the rest of your kitchen and home. It is for these reasons that designers include wall panels in every project we design. To help you with your choice of wall panels, here are the fastest growing kitchen panel trends this year.

  • Tiled wall panels

Tile wall panels are a great way to give your kitchen a flowing, functionality-focused feel. This wall panel gives the impression of a professional working in the kitchen, whose main priority is a comfortable, easy to maintain and classically designed kitchen project.

  • Solid wood wall panels

Solid wood will bring light and a pleasant, cosy atmosphere to any home. A wall panel made of solid wood or laminate with a solid wood imitation decor is one of the most popular ways to complement a Scandinavian-style home. Plus, solid and imitation wood will never go out of fashion! The natural look will keep it feeling fresh long after it’s been installed in your kitchen.

  • Unusual patterns or shades

A wall panel designed with different unusual patterns or shades is the best way to highlight your kitchen furniture and make your kitchen truly unique. More unusual colours also allow you to match the kitchen wall panel with other existing or planned interior design elements.


A wall panel is one of the things you need to include in your latest kitchen project, as it will help create a kitchen that is pleasant to be in, easier to maintain and more successfully integrated into the overall look of your home. Follow our advice on wall panel trends and find the right style for your next project!

If you are also interested in designing a new kitchen project, but still don’t know which wall panel you want in your kitchen, contact our designers here! They will answer every question and provide you with a free visualisation of the project!

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