Give your kitchen a splash of colour – simple tips

Add colour to your kitchen!

After a long dominance of browns, whites, greys and creams, colour trends are reappearing in the kitchen colour palette.

Colourful features and kitchens are nothing new. Bright and less bright colours dominated the kitchens 20. gs. at the beginning, but then wooden surfaces became fashionable and bright colours lost their relevance. Wood was followed by our usual beige, brown and cream shades. White and grey took over, but now more unusual colours are making a comeback in kitchens. This year’s trend is pastel/coral/salmon pink.

Does your kitchen need an update? There are several simple ways to complement your kitchen colour palette.

Kitchen appliances

Until recently, there were only two colours for kitchen appliances – steel and the usual white. But now there are countless colour choices, from calm blue to bright yellow. Manufacturers recognise this trend and offer their range of appliances in these shades. Whatever you’re looking for, an icebox or a toaster, you’ll find it in unusually bright colours.

Kitchen cabinets

Colourful kitchen cabinets were common in the 1920s. in the first half of the century. Just as fashion repeats itself, this trend is starting to return. Why not give your kitchen a retro touch? Materials such as acrylic offer a wide range of colours and patterns, guaranteed to find a shade to suit everyone. The latest trends are coral and pastel shades.

Cookware and other kitchen utensils

It’s not just the design that sets the mood, but also the crockery and utensils. Dishes can bring colour into the kitchen and over-the-top accents can change the mood of the whole kitchen. Choosing colourful accents can brighten and cosy a room in a simple way.

Coloured or patterned wall panel

A wall panel in a different shade or pattern to the rest of the kitchen can add an interesting touch. Not only will it freshen up the look of your kitchen, it will also make cleaning easier and protect your walls from scratches and stains.

Other less common suggestions include changing the colour of walls or furniture, or the design and shade of handles. Kitchen lighting should be kept in mind. LED lamps illuminate facades to bring out their colour and make the design even more striking!

If you are also interested in a brighter solution for your kitchen, feel free to contact our team here!

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