Tips for creating a minimalist kitchen interior

3 Tips for creating a minimalist kitchen interior

Designing and remodelling a kitchen can be a long process, as there are so many decisions to make… What colour and materials should I choose? How large a work surface is required? Layout, aesthetics, function, products and materials are just the beginning. Our experienced designers will help you find the way to realise your idea.

When it comes to kitchen design, sometimes implementing a simpler idea gives a more pleasing result than “repainting” the interior with lots of subtle but unnecessary accents. This idea is supported by the light minimalist trend, which focuses on simplifying design. Sticking to minimalist guidelines will not only make your kitchen more tasteful, it will also make it easier to use.

Simple is not boring. A well-thought-out design will leave an impression on everyone, as a coherent simplicity creates an attractive overall image. Use the tips below to create a tasteful and interesting minimalist kitchen.

Rethink your colour palette

Modern design – nothing should be too much, and that goes for colours too. It is recommended to introduce and stick to a monochromatic colour palette. If you want to add a touch of flair, we recommend a design element such as a wall panel with an inconspicuous pattern.

Note that the most visible part of the kitchen is the facade, so the other accents must be carefully matched.

The latest trends recognise Niemann matt acrylic facades as one of the best solutions for any kitchen. They introduce a clean look and also make kitchen maintenance easier.

2. Find the right sink

Minimalist kitchens and interior solutions are widely known as functional yet simple. FRANKE faucets follow this idea, adding character to your kitchen. FRANKE offers options that can be perfectly matched to any kitchen solution.

3. Get rid of handles

Handles will immediately stand out in the kitchen interior, so it’s important to match them to the design requirements. Moulded handles that don’t attract attention are perfect for a minimalist kitchen. It is recommended that the cabinet fronts are overhung to reduce the number of accent handles in the kitchen.

Additional – Kitchen lighting

Simple lighting elements, such as an LED strip to make cooking easier in the dark of the day, will even further accentuate the kitchen’s flowing lines.

The different ideas can be confusing, and if they’re not completely clear, feel free to contact our designers! They will give you a consultation and visualise your kitchen vision… and all for free! Apply for your 3D sketch here.

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