Worktop – which material to choose?

Worktop – which material to choose?

There are many different options for personalisation in kitchen design, but let’s take a closer look at kitchen worktops, the most current materials and their practicality and usability. The most common are surfaces made of stone, solid wood, acrylic or laminate. But which one?

The choice of material should take into account its properties and durability. Lifestyle and how often and how the surface would be used also influence the choice.

Stone mass

Solid stone surfaces offer a wide range of colours and patterns. The surfaces are easy to clean and resistant to scratches and heat, which is particularly useful for every home cook. The surface of the stone mass will feel cooler to the touch than other materials and will give the design an industrial feel.

Solid wood

Solid wood will stand out in the interior and create a pleasant, cosy atmosphere. Most often, solid oak or beech is used, but walnut, cherry or acacia surfaces are also available. Owners of solid wood surfaces are advised to avoid prolonged contact with water and hot cookware.

Kitchen with solid wood worktop


Laminate is the most versatile of all tabletop materials, as it can mimic hundreds of finishes and shades, from wood to marble. Laminate is easy to match to any kitchen and interior design. From a cost perspective, it is also relatively cheaper than other materials.

White Kitchen furniture with laminate table top


Acrylic is a smooth, water-resistant material that requires no special maintenance and is resistant to minor scratches. The versatile properties of acrylic give customers a wide range of surface customisation options and will give your kitchen an elegant and modern look.

acrylic kitchen

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