What to look out for when designing your kitchen?

What to look for when designing kitchens?

To achieve the results you want, you should always take your time, there is no need to rush, then results are guaranteed. The kitchen design process involves many different aspects that, when put together, result in a great-looking, tasteful and tailor-made kitchen project. It is therefore worth asking which aspects need attention? Which are the most important?

Type of layout

The type of layout will play a big part in how your kitchen furniture looks and how it will perform in everyday use, but the type of layout depends mainly on the available space in your kitchen. The most common kitchens are single-walled, opposite-wall kitchens or L-type kitchens. U-shaped furniture is also less common. The layout of the kitchen will determine how the kitchen area triangle is arranged.

Kitchen Facades

Facades are the most visible part of kitchen furniture, which is why they are so influential. Even small details in the appearance of facades can change the overall perception and mood of a space. For example, a framed front can bring a touch of the classics to a modern kitchen project. Or vice versa. With Supermatt acrylic facades, for example, you can easily achieve a very clean and modern look that will effortlessly give your kitchen furniture a modern touch.

Furniture Surface

The choice of surface is equally important for facades, which also have many different options to choose from, but when designing a kitchen I would recommend focusing not so much on the look, but on the material properties. We have written more about these here.

Premises Lighting

Lighting is one detail that is often overlooked. Here is a great example where the amount of natural light is perfectly optimised by using an opening in the ceiling. Of course, it’s not enough to incorporate LED strip lights for cooking in the dark part of the day, but the clever use of fluorescent lighting will make your kitchen even more impressive.

What to look out for when designing kitchens – Summary

There are countless other ways you can give your kitchen project the feel you want. This can be achieved by incorporating different elements such as open shelving or other design elements, but that’s up to you.

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but aren’t quite sure where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! For a 3D visualisation of your kitchen design and a free first consultation, click here!

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