How to design a kitchen for a studio apartment?

How to design a kitchen for a studio apartment? Find out in this article!

Studio living is probably the most popular interior design trend of our time, which only confirms the multifunctional use of kitchen furniture. They serve not only for cooking, but also for entertaining guests.

1. Site assessment

First, you need to consider all the possibilities that space offers. How will the kitchen triangle be arranged? Is there room for a kitchen island? If so, what kind and how wide? Build with overhangs?

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2. Storage solutions

As useful as shelving solutions can be, it is advisable to limit the number of open shelves in studio apartments, as they can “overcrowd” the design of the space. As the kitchen is not separated, everything on the open shelves will be visible. It is therefore recommended to incorporate more lockers. For the rest of the room, decor such as Myshelf design shelves are the perfect match, giving a light, unobtrusive design feel.

3. Open kitchen layout

This point is partly related to the first one, as it is necessary to understand how the space will be optimised to find a balance between the kitchen area and the living room area. For studio apartments, it is highly recommended to design the kitchen along one wall or choose an L-type layout. This way, you get the best use of the space, but the kitchen furniture won’t feel heavy and the room won’t look cramped.

Kitchens follow modern trends, it is important to consider each space, how to optimise its use and to design the kitchen according to plan.

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