Framed kitchen fronts – the basis for a classic style

Framed kitchen facades

Elegant design is important, but design that won’t age is even more important. Framed facades provide just that, and the classic feel they introduce will never go out of fashion. Facades are an element that can easily be overlooked and not given much attention during the design process, but it’s worth remembering that the facade is the most visible part of the kitchen that you will have to deal with every day. Facades also have a strong influence on the overall interior of the home. Framed facades bring class and cosiness and, when tastefully combined with the rest of the interior, the results can be outstanding.

Kitchens with framed fronts create a simple yet attractive design that can complement the classic feel of the interior, if that’s what you want. They are most often made of painted MDF, so the facades will be resistant to moisture and a wide range of other external factors. The frame fronts have an immense impact on the overall look of the kitchen, working as a design element to set off the whole design, so the kitchen never looks monotonous.

It’s common to associate beam fronts with classical kitchens, but it’s not uncommon to find their influence elsewhere, such as in Scandinavian-style kitchens, where the emphasis is most often on classics and light colours.

So why choose framed fronts for your kitchen project? It is the basis of classic style, a trend that will never go away and will be easy to incorporate into any home interior. Their adaptability is a major plus. Whatever your interior design preference, the frame fronts will help you create a kitchen to match your vision.

For a more classical feel in your interior, frame fronts are a great place to start, but it’s important to remember that frame fronts also have their place in minimalist, Scandinavian and other styles. Kitchen styles change, they can’t be predicted, but framed fronts will always be in, that’s for sure.

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