Monochrome colour palette in the kitchen

Monochrome colour palette in the kitchen – what is it? Why choose it, and where to find inspiration?

The monochrome palette is a classic combination of black and white – a popular pairing that will fit perfectly in both minimalist and cosy and classic kitchen furniture projects. Monochrome kitchens have recently gained popularity thanks to their versatility and ability to adapt to any home interior.

The monochromatic combination of white and black brings contrast and design to the kitchen. Precisely because this colour palette offers so much flexibility, it will suit every home, whatever the choice of materials or patterns. But there are a few things to consider before you go for this colour palette:

Monochrome colour palette in the kitchen

1. Space

Probably one of the most important factors in any kitchen design decision is how much space can be allocated for kitchen furniture. Lighter shades are more suitable for compact spaces and kitchens, but darker shades are also ideal for larger projects. A monochromatic palette is a great compromise that won’t feel cramped in a compact kitchen.

Monochrome colour palette in the kitchen

2. Style options

As we’ve already mentioned, the monochrome colour palette allows you to combine a wide range of solutions and create kitchen furniture in virtually any style, because it will still look great and can easily match your existing décor. The classic combination of white and black will also maintain a feeling of cosiness and comfort.

Kitchen cabinets with stone worktops

3. Colour balancing

What is meant by colour balancing? Colour contrast in the kitchen needs to be incorporated in many different ways to avoid a checkerboard feel. Colour planning is essential – even black and white can be created in hundreds of ways, so it’s important to understand what colour each element is intended to be and how much of that colour will dominate the kitchen. White is the most common colour in the kitchen, combined with darker contrasting elements that bring elegance.

Kitchen cabinets with sink

4. Lighting

The kitchen design process must take into account where and how the kitchen will be lit. Will there be enough natural light? Or is the room sufficiently lit with artificial lighting? Are LED solutions needed? These are important questions to consider, as the colour palette you choose for your kitchen can also change the overall look and feel of your home. Lighting can affect which elements will be lighter and darker, for example.

Kitchen with island and chairs

5. Integrating with the interior of the home

A monochromatic colour palette will fit in perfectly with any home’s design guidelines, but it’s important to bear in mind that the style of the kitchen shouldn’t stand out from the rest of the interior, so it’s also important to include unifying elements or patterns.

Monochrome colour palette in the kitchen – the sum of the whole

Choosing a colour palette is the first step towards a finished kitchen project. The monochrome colour palette in the kitchen is common among today’s minimalists and there’s a reason for that – it can be adapted and customised to your heart’s content. It’s important to remember that everything should be in moderation, and the right accents will make the kitchen the most beautiful room in the house.

Elegant Kitchen project with warm lighting

If you’re already sure about the colour choice for your next kitchen project, but don’t know what style to go for, contact our designers here and they’ll help you!

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