The key to a modern kitchen – a kitchen without handles

Kitchen without handles

Kitchen trends change, interior styles adapt to the latest trends and the cycle continues. But the style that has remained constant and will continue for a long time is modern minimalism. Modern minimalism is characterised by clean, flowing lines, a largely unobtrusive monochrome palette and simple yet functional design.

Handle-free kitchen in light colours

Although the style of modern minimalism may at first seem simple, this is only the outward, design aspect. One of the aims is to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff with simplicity, so as not to interfere with functionality, and to free up the kitchen by preparing a working environment where everything is at your fingertips and can be found without overloading your memory.

Kitchen without handles and stone worktop

One of the most popular solutions that will instantly give your kitchen a more fluid look – a kitchen without handles! It would not be quite right to say that the kitchen is without handles. There are handles, but they are not the usual metal or wood ones, but have been replaced by, for example, a facade made with an overhanging curtain or milled in.

Kitchen without handles and studio type layout

Designing a project without handles requires special ingenuity on the part of the designers. Of course, you need to plan very carefully how the kitchen area is divided up, where the handles need to be milled and where you can build overhanging cabinets. But in the end, this planning pays off, too, because in addition to a sleeker, more fluid design, there are several other benefits. For example, there is no need to use traditionally used handles, which reduces project costs, also in use, a cabinet with milled-in handles can be opened even without paying much attention and by grasping it as it happens or is more convenient.

White Kitchen furniture design with island

Kitchen without handles – summary

Handle-less kitchen furniture is nothing new, but in recent years, with the exponential rise in popularity of minimalist trends, this style of inspired kitchen furniture is becoming more and more common. Handle-free kitchens offer more ingenious, more pleasing to the eye and often more user-friendly solutions, so this trend will be popular for a long time to come.

Light Kitchen furniture without handles

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