How to create a handy kitchen island?

How to create a handy kitchen island? Tips & Tricks

Although there is no formula for calculating how big an island can be in a room of a certain size to make it usable and handy. There are a few tips that can help answer this question. It should be noted that in small kitchens, it is not possible to incorporate islands in a way that makes sense.

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For a medium-sized kitchen, a peninsula can be an interesting and successful solution, but if you have a studio living room combined with a kitchen, an island may be just the thing. Things you need to know to build a successful island:

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What will be the island’s function?

Before you start planning how to optimise the storage compartments of your island, first think about what the main function of the island will be. Usually, most of the islands are for cooking and eating. But what about you? It is important to understand whether it will be used for cooking, washing up, entertaining, entertaining guests or perhaps as a work surface for domestic tasks. If you want to incorporate a sink and other kitchen appliances into the island, it will certainly need a lot more space, but if it’s for serving food – think about the seating around it. But there’s no denying that the island offers more space for kitchen utensils and is very easy to access, as everything is at your fingertips – at floor cupboard level.

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How to create a handy kitchen island with modern appliances

To make the most of the island space and ensure maximum functionality, you need to be clear about the appliances you want to install in the island. If you want to incorporate a main sink in the island, you should also take into account that there must be space for a dishwasher next to it. If this is going to be the main place in the kitchen where you’ll be cooking, you’ll need to have a bin handy. If you have a very large kitchen and the fridge is not next to the island, there is also the possibility of fitting a small fridge in the island. If you want to put a hob in the island – remember that there must always be a cooker hood above it – and therefore access to the ventilation outlet. Make a list of what you want and prioritise on your island and try to combine at least 5 of the most important elements.

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How much storage space do you want?

The layout of your kitchen plays a big part in this – if you have a lot of cupboards in your kitchen, you might not be concerned about getting extra space to store your kitchen items. But if this is not the case – then the island can find a solution to the problem. It can incorporate convenient drawers that can be easily accessed from above, or shelves that incorporate basket systems. Islands are usually made of two kitchen cabinets about 60 cm wide, stacked with their spines defining the width of the island.

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