Kitchens where classic meets modern minimalism – the trend?

classic and modern minimalism

Whatever the latest interior design trends, two styles will always be present – classic and modern minimalism. Classic kitchen design will always be popular and timeless, but nowadays it is undeniably influenced by modern kitchen styles, but it has to be said that classic style in a modern setting makes a great combination.

When your kitchen project is in progress, remember that the kitchen is like a can, it has to be shaped to your liking, no matter where your inspiration comes from. The usual kitchen design styles are just guidelines and a common denominator to stick to.

The biggest plus for modern kitchen furniture is the top-quality appliances, such as basket systems, shelving mechanisms or the hood in the picture, which is integrated into the kitchen island and will be invisible when not needed, thus maintaining the kitchen’s flowing appearance.

It’s not just the style and colour palette that create the mood of a kitchen, it’s other subtler elements like open shelving or a tastefully chosen mixer tap. Tastefully selecting design elements that suit your interior will make the room even more pleasant.

Classic and Modern Minimalism – Summary

Anyone can appreciate a kitchen design where minimalism meets classic sensibilities. The choice is yours, there is no need to stick to general standards, choose the most attractive solutions for you and the result will always be great!

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