Kitchen furniture with fenix facades

Kitchen furniture with fenix facades

Every home has details that give a specific mood and influence not only individual design elements, but also the whole feel of the interior. It can be a decor, a facade colour or, for example, a kitchen surface. In this case, the kitchen is dominated by the Fenix nanomaterial, which also sets the rest of the design mood.

Kitchen with black facades

Kitchen facades

Fenix nanomaterial is an innovation in facades that combines unique properties in one place. When you first see the Fenix façade, you immediately get the impression that it is unusually dark, with almost no glare. This is made possible by Fenix’s special nanotechnology coating, which absorbs almost the entire visible light spectrum. In addition, this coating makes the surface particularly resistant to scratches and other external factors, and it effectively hides dirt compared to other alternatives.

Kitchen furniture with fenix facades in black

Table top

The surface also plays a major role in the mood of the kitchen, which in this project is coordinated with the facades to create a single, harmonious interior zone. The Dekton stone surface is durable and elegant. You can spill any liquid on it without worrying about damage, it’s very easy to keep clean and you can forget about scratches – they won’t show up on the surface!

Kitchen unit with blade worktop


To keep the design clean and harmonious, our designers decided not to include traditional handles. That’s why a handle profile was incorporated into the kitchen, so that the cabinets could be opened without using traditional handles.

Kitchen cabinet with LED light


As we have already mentioned, lighting is very important, it determines how the kitchen will look at different times of the day. For this occasion, we chose high-end LED lighting from the Swiss company L.E.S.S, which looks like a single light element, like a wire that emits light.

Lockers with Blum mechanism

Fitting mechanisms

The kitchen is richly equipped with high-quality solutions such as Blum fittings and other mechanisms. Our designers took care not only of the kitchen, but also of other aspects of the home, including the bathroom, bedroom wardrobe and other room elements.

Kitchen sink


Nanomaterials in interior design are a relatively new phenomenon, but they have already shown their benefits. They are easier to keep clean, more resistant to external factors and don’t accumulate dirt – what more could you want?

Kitchen table and black kitchen unit

Want the following kitchen furniture with fenix fronts

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but still don’t quite know where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! Book your 3D kitchen design visualisation and first free consultation here.

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