Scandinavian style in creamy shades

Scandinavian style

When it comes to clean, uncluttered kitchen design, Scandinavian style immediately comes to mind. Its tasteful and polished design details, storage solutions and light colour palette make it particularly appealing for anyone starting a new kitchen project.

Scandinavian style in home interiors

This kitchen is a striking reflection of one of the key features of Scandinavian style. The colour palette is light and creamy, highlighting the furniture and brightening the rest of the room, giving an extra sense of spaciousness. This is especially important when you consider how little natural light we get in the north.

Tile wall panel with stone table top with metal furniture handle

Texture-wise, not all your surfaces have to be made of the same material. Kitchen design is a reflection of your preferences, so take the style principles as a guide. If designed and installed correctly, a solution that incorporates different surfaces can add a more visually interesting touch and texture to your kitchen.

White Kitchen furniture

Tasteful storage solutions go hand in hand with the basic principles of Scandinavian interior design. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes also help to create a flowing, uncluttered look, and nothing says “clean and modern” like cabinets with fine handles.

Kitchen with Scandinavian table and chairs

Scandinavian style summary

Scandinavian interiors are a great inspiration that our designers definitely recommend you consider for your kitchen project. Light shades combined with fluid lines and elegant minimalism create a great look that will never get old.

Home interior in white

If you’re also interested in starting your own kitchen project, but aren’t quite sure where to start, our designers will help you with every detail and answer all your questions! For a 3D visualisation of your kitchen design and a free first consultation, sign up here!

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