Metal decor in the kitchen – how to implement the latest trend in your interior?

Metal decor in the kitchen

Kitchen interior trends sometimes change faster than you can keep track of them, but every now and then a trend emerges that has a significant following. This time, it’s about metal decor in the kitchen. A trend that has slowly gained more and more popularity and has now cemented itself as the hottest trend in home interiors right now.

Metallic surfaces and a wall panel will give you real elegance

Metallic surfaces offer an unusual design solution that brings a new twist to design. For example, a wall panel in bronze tones will add a touch of character to the kitchen, bringing an industrial feel to the kitchen. It is a solution that will create a pleasant contrast with the neutral facades, make the design warmer and maintain the unique, modern feel.

It’s all in the details – small metal elements are the key

The least appreciated detail in the kitchen, which has a particularly strong impact on the overall feel of the room, is the furniture handles. Achieve a unified look by “scattering” metallic elements evenly throughout the room, be it handles, lamps or even other kitchen appliances.

Another perspective – the interaction between metal and solid wood

Metal elements are particularly handy because they can be combined with other materials in a wide range of colours and will fit into any kitchen style you like. Wood is metal’s best friend, they complement and enhance each other. If the aim is to achieve an industrial, minimalist and modern feel, or even a classic feel, metal and wood will fit in everywhere! You don’t have to look far to see it for yourself!

Metal decor in the kitchen – conclusions

Metallic tones and elements have really made a huge impact on the kitchen and the rest of the home interior trends. This is mainly thanks to the metal’s gloss finish, which gives the design a touch of luxe without compromising. Metallic elements will create reflections that contribute to a spacious feel in more compact kitchens.

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