Kitchen care and maintenance tips

Kitchen care and maintenance tips

When so much time and effort has gone into a kitchen project, everyone naturally wants it to stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible. This also requires certain routines to be followed, as depending on the materials chosen, the kitchen may require special attention when it comes to maintenance.

Here are 3 key points to look out for to keep your kitchen as fresh as possible and last longer.

Although the latest materials have excellent resistance to scratches and moisture, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your kitchen looking the same as the day it was installed.

1. Surface care according to material requirements

Surfaces are designed to be highly resistant to wear, moisture and heat, but each material has its own characteristics to take into account. For example, hardwood surfaces can absorb water and can be damaged by high heat, so the hardwood will need to be restored after some time, i.e. sanded if necessary and oiled.

2. Façade care – stains and limescale

The fronts are the most visible part of the kitchen and their appearance will have a particularly strong impact on the overall look of the furniture, so it’s worth spending a little extra time to keep them clean and in perfect condition.

If you have hard water, limescale deposits and stains on kitchen surfaces are inevitable. Kitchen furniture will also regularly come into contact with all kinds of dirt and oil stains, so more care is needed with porous materials such as wood. It is advisable to clean dirt as soon as possible to avoid allowing it to soak into kitchen surfaces.

3. The kitchen must continue to be cared for

Like any technology or device, kitchen appliances and furniture are subject to wear and tear over time. However, to make sure that this is not so rapid, kitchens should be used as sparingly as possible and, for example, top-quality mechanisms that reduce impact and close smoothly are recommended to ensure that all drawers in the kitchen last longer.

Kitchen care and maintenance tips – summary

Kitchen furniture is designed to be particularly resistant to wear and tear, as it is exposed to extreme amounts of moisture, sharp objects, etc. on a daily basis. Therefore, as with any other piece of furniture, kitchen surfaces need special attention.

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