What is an L-shaped kitchen layout?

L-shaped kitchen layout?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s important to pay particular attention to the layout of the space and plan every design detail carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises later. It is worth paying particular attention to the possible layouts, as this is what will most determine the dynamics in the kitchen.

One of the most common is the L-shaped kitchen layout, but what exactly is an L-shaped kitchen layout? Why has it become so popular? That’s what we’ll look at below!

Please note that just because it is a popular choice does not mean it is the right kitchen furniture configuration for you.

L-shaped kitchen layout in white

L-shaped layout options

The popularity of this kitchen layout is due to its adaptability. An L-type kitchen will fit into almost any home, is space-saving and relatively easy to adapt to each client’s wishes and needs.

The L-shaped configuration can also accommodate an island

One of the main functions of a kitchen is to provide efficient storage solutions and make it easy to prepare meals. To add to the functionality of the kitchen, a kitchen island can be conveniently added to L-type kitchens, the benefits of which are described here.

L-shaped kitchen layout in black

L-shaped kitchens have room for more than one

The main advantage is that the L-shaped kitchen has enough space for at least two owners. While one can cook, the other has enough space to carry out his tasks unhindered. Thanks to the L-shape, the kitchen can be divided into imaginary zones – for example, one side can be used for cooking one dish and the other for cooking another.

Open concept design

Open kitchens combined with a living room are still popular with customers. For this type of studio layout, an L-type kitchen layout provides a convenient way to allow flow from the kitchen to adjacent rooms, as the kitchen will not take up too much space and will not be in the middle of the room.

The layout is ideal for small spaces

This type of layout will fit perfectly in more compact kitchens where every centimetre counts. L-shaped kitchens offer an open view of the kitchen furniture, so the kitchen area can appear more spacious. It’s a great choice if you want your kitchen to be part of a larger space, such as a living room.

L-shaped kitchen layout with island

L-shaped kitchen layout

After all, the way a kitchen design looks and feels is strongly influenced by the existing lighting in the room, so when designing a kitchen, attention should also be paid to the position of windows so that the amount of natural light can be planned. This can affect how light falls in the kitchen, how a particular room is lit, what facade decor to choose, etc.

If you’re also looking to bring a fresh kitchen project into your home, get in touch with our design team here. Our designers will be able to provide the most effective solutions for you and your home!

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