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We bring Pinterest dreams into your home. Minimalism in kitchen design.

Minimalism in kitchen design – When less is more

Often in our daily work as designers, we need to translate our clients’ ideas and flights of thought from various sources of inspiration such as Pinterest and Instagram into real kitchen design projects. “I like this solution, but the details need to be taken from this kitchen, but the black accents are so pretty, and the cupboards definitely need to go up to the top, and some of the free shelves need to be crocheted, etc… ” We pack all these design details into a specific room size, according to all the communications, following all the basic principles of a functional kitchen. There is no denying that good design has value and we love it, especially when the end result makes us and the owners of the new kitchens smile.

Light-coloured kitchen unit with matt facades showing Minimalism in kitchen design

This project is one of those that makes you feel a little warm. Light and bright kitchen design with black, austere accents.

A straight kitchen, set against one wall, with a corner table surface so that 2 people can sit comfortably. The table top is made from Austrian Egger laminate in cashmere.

The design is minimalist, without handles, but with a handle profile in white. The fronts of the floor cupboards are made of white matt acrylic from the German brand Niemann, while the wall cupboards are made of cashmere-coloured decor.

One of the main design elements in this kitchen is the open shelving solution in black decor. The wall panel uses bleached E oak.

The minimalism in the kitchen design is evident in details such as the “Hidden” built-in hood from Elica and the LED lighting from Swiss company L&S, which gives a pleasant and warm light.

The owners’ skill in choosing decor that fills the open shelves perfectly should also be highlighted in this project. The open shelves are matched with a custom-made black matt metal leg.

Elegant Franke mixer tap with water filter option and washbasin with a very small rim in stainless steel.

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