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Home furnishing – design furniture for a private house in Marupe

Designer furniture for private house in Marupe – Home interior

This is one of our works where our client had a newly built house furnished. Often people want to order all their furniture in one place because it’s more convenient, it saves time, money and, of course, it’s easier to have a common design concept throughout the interior of a room when working with one designer.

design furniture for private house in Marupe in light colours

The kitchen is mostly on one wall, but the main feature is the impressive 4 m long kitchen island. The island is designed as the area where most of the activity in the kitchen takes place. On one side, the island consists of drawer units and lockers. It also has a built-in oven, and on the other side there is a built-in wine cabinet, a drawer unit and a seating area, as the island surface is specially designed with an overhang.

design furniture for a private house in Marupe in light colours with a stone surface

The kitchen is minimalist, the furniture has no handles, and the design uses stainless steel Hafele profile mouldings. The fronts for the kitchen cabinets are made of Egger grey decor and premium laminate with wood structure.

design furniture for a private house in Mārupe in light colours with an integrated stove top

The kitchen island is fitted with an Elica Tesla surface-mounted cooker hood. This is one of the top solutions for incorporating a hood into the island if you don’t want to put classic hoods on top of it. The cooker hood is quiet and powerful and is recessed into the worktop so that the hob is flush with the worktop.

Kitchen tables and Kitchen chairs in an elegant atmosphere
Kitchen furniture with island

One of the design solutions is recessed lighting, the island has LED lighting at plinth height, which gives an extra cosy feeling, especially in the darkest hours of the day.

Kitchen cupboard

Another design highlight in the kitchen is the display cabinet, which is built into the wall in a niche specially designed for it. Showcase doors with bronze glass and stainless steel frame profiles. This showcase also incorporates led lighting in a warm shade.

Kitchen furniture and interior design in Marupe

The client wanted a concealed profile door in the interior, leading to the utility room and ground floor toilets. So we made a door out of the same decor used in the kitchen design.

The kitchen includes a 90 cm wide side by side freestanding fridge with ice generator, in stainless steel, with all the small kitchen design elements such as handles, profile handles, built-in socket faucet, etc.

The sink includes a built-in Franke model, as well as a stainless steel mixer tap with filter and soap dispenser.

One of the main highlights of this project is the 10 mm marble DEKTON stone table top. Deckton is one of the top solutions for kitchen surfaces at the moment. It’s very durable to cut on, it’s heat-resistant and it doesn’t absorb any colour, which is essential for light-coloured decors.

The surface joints are made at 45 degrees, so the seams are minimal and virtually invisible.

A minimalist wardrobe with hinged doors and Furnipart Edge black handles was designed for the corridor. The mezzanines of the wardrobe opened onto the Blum spring mechanisms.

On the wall opposite the wardrobe, there’s a big, beautiful round mirror with built-in LED lighting around the perimeter.

We also made a wardrobe in this house, one half for men and one for women, which was mirrored in the way they were dressed. Lots of drawers um racks to hang shakes.

The wardrobe also incorporated built-in wrapping.

This is the solution for the utility room on the second floor, simple, bright and uncluttered.

Finally, a washbasin console in the same style as the rest of the furniture on the ground floor. If you also want us to make good quality kitchen furniture for you, please contact our designers!

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