Virtuve MAARA ar melnām fasādēm un koka dekoriem

FENIX facades – trend and quality

Our kitchen design has found its home in a new project in Saliena. The kitchen is designed in a modern minimalist style, using a mix of high-end materials. The kitchen facades use Fenix nanomaterial, while the wall panel and table top are Technistone quartz.

Stone surface

Quartz worktops remain increasingly popular in kitchen interiors and have a number of positive qualities. First of all, the design and the stone feel, there are many different decors available, both calm solids and stone and marble textures. Quartz can also be 2cm thin, as we know thin surfaces are very hot right now. Quartz doesn’t absorb stains that tend to come from different foods in the kitchen, is scratch and heat resistant and can be used with undermount sinks.

For this kitchen project, the wall cupboards are made with an overhang to avoid having to put handles. And the upper mezzanine cabinets open with Blum push mechanisms.

Kitchen handles

The black handle mouldings from Haafele, with their sleek lines, make the kitchen modern and elegant. This time, to make the quartz surface even more attractive and thinner, the front cant was milled at 45 degrees and is 12 mm thick from the front.

FENIX facades with blade table top

FENIX facades

FENIX facade decor is currently one of the top facade decors due to its unique properties. FENIX facades are highly matt, virtually fingerprint-free, minimally reflective and, if the material is accidentally scratched, micro streaks can be easily removed by rubbing with an abrasive material.

Kitchen lighting

In our kitchens, we use flush-mounted led solutions from Swiss company L&S. They have a very pleasant and high quality light.

Wooden decor

One of the design elements that adds a special feel to this project is the wooden decor shelf attached to the quartz wall panel with non-adhesive fasteners.

Franke stone sink and black Blanco mixer with filtered water option.

If you too are looking for a modern, high-quality and affordable kitchen solution, feel free to contact our designers!

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