Minimālistiskas virtuves mēbeles, iebūvētas nišā, pelēkā, tumši zilā un koka tonī ar akmens virsmu

Demo kitchen at the Hoffmann Residence

Kitchen in the Hoffmann residence with the rest of the interior design


The new and elegant kitchen project in the Hoffmann Residence shines in its luxury at Kuģu iela 13, Klīversala, on the left bank of Pārdaugava. This restored historic building, which stands by the Daugava Embankment, boasts unique features – charming architecture and spectacular panoramic views of Riga’s Old Town, which give it a special charm and make it unforgettable.

Frosted kitchen fronts and cabinets

Kitchen in Hoffmann residence – interior

The kitchen design in this project is modern and minimalist. It is a straight kitchen, set against one wall. As a special feature, it is built up to the ceiling with two-level wall cabinets, creating both an aesthetic and practical solution.

Minimalist interior design

Kitchen facades

The kitchen facades are designed with a subtle combination of 3 colours. For the low kitchen cabinets, Alvica supermatt in anthracite is chosen, which is elegant and light. The tall blocks have Alvica supermatt basalto, which offers a warm contrast. The wall cabinets have a bleached oak veneer that matches the parquet floor and brings a natural and classic feel.

Kitchen table with magazine

Table top

The table top and wall panel in this kitchen interior are made of high-quality brushed granite, which, with its 3 cm thickness, not only gives this room a sophisticated and elegant look, but also provides unrivalled durability. Granite is known for its outstanding durability and longevity, ensuring that your kitchen worktop will not only look great, but will last for years to come.

Creamy-coloured interior design

Interior design

The modern minimalist style of this kitchen is achieved by keeping the interior design simple and uninterrupted, with an emphasis on functionality. Instead of filling the space with unnecessary objects, the design focuses on what is essential. It creates a space that is easy to move around and work in, while at the same time creating a pleasant environment.

Frosted kitchen cabinets


In conclusion, the kitchen in the Hoffmann residence is a perfect example of how modern minimalism can be successfully applied to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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