Furnipart – design handles for elegant kitchen interiors

Furnipart – design handles

Quality kitchen furniture is characterised by elegance, clean lines and top-quality materials. To create the best kitchen furniture solutions, we work with the best hardware manufacturers who have been providing excellent service to partners and customers for years. One such manufacturer is Furnipart, which designs and manufactures top-quality furniture handles.

The Danish brand Furnipart stands out for its innovative thinking and continuous product line development. Special attention is paid not only to sophisticated design, but also to quality control. Furnipart’s quality team is particularly rigorous to ensure the highest possible standard and quality. If the handle developed does not visually meet the predefined standards, it is reworked until it is perfect. Characteristics such as colour uniformity, gloss, etc. are carefully checked.

The design follows Scandinavian style guidelines, where functionality comes first and aesthetics second. The handles are designed for a comfortable grip as well as to be pleasant to the touch. While looks are important, functionality is more important as handles are definitely used every day. That’s what makes Furnipart special – the ability to combine great Scandinavian design traditions with great functionality. The result is a product that will complement any kitchen furniture.

Our long-standing partners at Furnipart make sure that we continue to provide a first-class service, which is why the company is also at the forefront of innovation. Every season, the company comes up with new collections that incorporate materials ranging from leather to wood or cast iron, to give the handles a more interesting and unusual look and feel. Coatings are not forgotten either, with everything you could want, such as gold, silver and metallic Inox coatings.

There’s also a wide range of styles to match any kitchen. Furnipart also offers a wide range of milling handles to bring a minimalist feel to your kitchen. Although there are many styles, the handles can also be combined with each other to create an unusual yet modern feel, as they mostly follow the Scandinavian minimalist trend. Knobs with a cantaloupe shape are more suited to minimalists, while handles with flowing shapes are better suited to classic Scandinavian styles.

Furnipart offers handles for all interior styles in a variety of sizes and finishes, such as leather, for a more pleasant touch and a more casual look. Our partner Furnipart’s range has a design to suit everyone and their kitchen project, with countless renowned designers working on them, each bringing their own thoughts and vision to make each handle a work of art.

Design handles – summary

Handles are just one part of kitchen furniture, but their role in the kitchen is undeniably important for a kitchen that is both functional and modern. The Furnipart handles we offer will also look great in your new kitchen project, so come and visit us in the showroom by making an appointment here!

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