White kitchens – trend or classic?

White kitchens – right for you?

Every home and interior is different, but one thing is for sure – white kitchens will suit any interior, which is why we’re seeing white returning to the top of kitchen trends from time to time. They are neutral, natural and blend in nicely with any kitchen furniture solution.

Why white? The reasons can range from the versatility of the design options to the ability of light colours to expand space. White kitchens add light to a room, giving the illusion that it’s bigger than it is. White kitchens create a sophisticated look, their appearance is clean and they will retain their elegance through time. Other shades come and go in trends, but white is more or less always in.

White tones are particularly prominent in Scandinavian styles, as the combination of white facades and solid wood surfaces, for example, will undoubtedly create a pleasant ambience and bring a feeling of cosiness. It is a versatile solution for any home and design.

Nevertheless, white is not only associated with modern minimalism or Scandinavian style. It is a versatile colour that can be used to implement any style. If you’re thinking of something more classic, such as a beam front, then white is the right choice to give your kitchen its true character. White also serves as a canvas to which a variety of decors and design elements can be successfully matched.

Often in a kitchen design that has already used a colour-filled palette, it’s harder to find elements to create contrast and tastefully accentuate the kitchen. With a white palette, it’s very easy to create a harmonious contrast with a few well-chosen design elements. It should be remembered that elements of other colours are important to introduce a feeling of cosiness and to avoid a “sterile” look. White and black never get old, but if you want something more modern, you can add a brighter element.

White is a neutral colour, usually used in interior design to give the impression that a room is larger than it is. That’s why white is the best choice for a small kitchen. Without changing the actual size of a room, the colour palette can completely change its feel. White is worth incorporating in any style of kitchen, from modern minimalism to classic Scandinavian.

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