The latest trends taking over kitchens

Latest trends

Trends change, but there are exceptions to the rule, when a seasonal trend not only wins over design enthusiasts for a while, but also stays in vogue and becomes an ever-trending solution that fits perfectly into any interior design, so here are five ever-trending solutions to bring into your kitchen.

Open shelves

Increasingly, kitchen design is tending to replace upper shelves with tastefully designed open shelving, where everything you need for kitchen work can be clearly displayed. There are several reasons for this: open shelving adds character and a homely feel to the kitchen, and you won’t have to look for anything when cooking, as the necessary utensils will already be at your fingertips. If incorporated correctly, open shelving can be a great element to make your kitchen design stand out and unique.

Latest trends in Kitchen design

2. Wooden elements

On the positive side, the use of wooden elements in kitchen design is starting to make a comeback. Wood brings the harmony of nature into the kitchen and creates a pleasant atmosphere. A welcoming and calming environment will make any kitchen a focal point of the home, where you’ll want to stay longer. Wood is a versatile material that appeals to everyone, whether for shelves, surfaces or facades. If you want a brighter kitchen, wood is the perfect material to make your dreams come true.

Kitchen utensils on the countertop

3. Coloured elements

The latest interior trends are leaning towards pastels and creams, which are starting to overtake darker shades and, along with white, are regaining their place at the top of interior trends. You don’t need to make the whole kitchen colourful, just include a colourful element, such as a kitchen island, that is a different colour to the rest of the facade.

White kitchen with island

4. Different patterns and textures

Glossy acrylic facades were popular for a long time, slowly being replaced by matt finishes and other textures. While glossy facades are and will always be a trend, solutions such as FENIX, which are matt and practically do not reflect light at all, are now also gaining recognition. These matt finishes give kitchen furniture a more uniform look and make it easier to care for, as the blemishes from cooking won’t be so visible. Even small scratches will be better hidden.

Black kitchen with wall panel

5. More efficient storage solutions

The integration of concealed storage solutions in the kitchen is at the heart of a functional kitchen design. The basic function of every kitchen is to store all the utensils you need, so you can cook easily and have everything at your fingertips.

One solution that can make this possible is, for example, the built-in kitchen basket systems offered by our partner Vauth-Sagel, or the accessories organisers from Austrian manufacturer Blum, which fit into your existing kitchen equipment.

Kitchen with wooden cabinet

Recent trends – summary

For some time now, more interesting elements have been creeping into the trends, but now more than ever. Each client is more and more involved in the interior design of their kitchen, so you could say that each kitchen is a unique work of art.

Think about what you need, find out what you want and what you need, and our designers will help you! Together we will find solutions for you! You can contact us here.

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