Black kitchen furniture – the modern standard

Black kitchen furniture

Light and white kitchens are classics that will never lose their charm, but more and more homeowners are choosing black for their latest kitchen project. The trend for dark kitchens started several years ago, but is becoming more pronounced every year.

The pros of black kitchen furniture

Dark shades are by their very nature more dramatic and make everything stand out. Black is a colour that will be noticed in interiors. Black also goes well with almost any kitchen style, black will look great anywhere, so if you want sophisticated kitchen furniture with a versatile palette, then black and other dark colours are worth seriously considering as an option.

Possible disadvantages of a black kitchen

One of the biggest disadvantages of black kitchen furniture is that the dark shades make the space look smaller and narrower than it actually is, so black should not be chosen for compact projects. In addition, while white reflects the entire light spectrum, black absorbs it, which is why it’s not a bad idea to think more carefully about lighting solutions.

The secret to great black kitchen furniture? Intelligent lighting solutions, such as the latest generation of L.E.S.S. LED luminaires, and as much use as possible of natural lighting.

How exactly to incorporate black in kitchen design?

Different accents play a huge role in planning any part of the interior, so the same can be said for the kitchen. Elegant accents are a great way to bring different tones and moods into a room without changing anything else.

Black kitchen fronts make a great statement when combined with lighter walls and surfaces, or can complement an already darker room style. That’s the thing about black shades – they really can be combined with anything!

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