How to design a kitchen that won’t age?

How to design a kitchen?

There are many elements that give a home its mood, but it’s no surprise that kitchen furniture has the biggest impact. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family gathers for breakfast and tea, and where guests are invited in the evening. It’s because of the intensity of use of the kitchen space that it’s important to always have a kitchen that’s fun to look at! After all, how can you create a kitchen design that won’t age? What to consider?

Stick to classic elements

As much as you might like to look at the latest trends and incorporate the brightest shades you can find in your kitchen, it’s really not advisable. Most interior designers recommend sticking to neutrals, which have always been and will always be in fashion. These include white, blue, black, grey and a wide range of cream or pastel shades.

Aim for a uniform interior mood

The kitchen should blend in with the rest of the home, so that the kitchen furniture does not distract from the other design elements. Part of the whole art of kitchen design is to create excellent quality cabinetry to the best modern standards, but to keep that flowing and unobtrusive feel so that the kitchen blends into the overall interior.

Only the most important thing – a kitchen without excess

Minimalism is a hot trend in today’s lifestyle. And there is good reason for this. Your kitchen will never grow old if there’s nothing unnecessary in it. Kitchen design hasn’t changed for decades, the basics are the same and must remain the same.

Built-in appliances

Built-in appliances are the perfect solution to clean up your kitchen and achieve the result you want – a sustainable kitchen. Built-in appliances will be hidden from view, creating that aforementioned ‘no-frills’ feel in the kitchen. In addition, there is no need to worry and look for special shades of the technique to fit in with the overall design, as it will be hidden behind the facades anyway.

Invest in the best quality solutions

Kitchen furniture will last for many years in your home, so it’s worth considering your priorities and designing a kitchen without compromise so that you can continue to enjoy kitchen work in the future. For example, L.E.S.S. Lighting solutions may be just an extra, but it’s the smaller details that make your project special.

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