Wooden decor in the kitchen – 2020. topicality of the year.

Wooden decor in the kitchen

It’s long been accepted that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it stands to reason that kitchen design plays a huge role in the overall feel of the home. With the right solutions, kitchen furniture can be tailored to your vision and deliver outstanding results. Although wooden elements have always been present in the kitchen, more and more clients are choosing to incorporate wood into their new project. Why choose wooden decor?

If we look at the other materials used in the interior of the home, it is immediately clear that wood is visible in every room. Floors, doors, shelves – these are usually made of wood. Therefore, to effectively achieve that unified look that we want so much in our homes, wooden elements must also be incorporated into the kitchen.

How to incorporate wooden decor in the kitchen?

There are countless ways to incorporate wood into kitchen design, such as laminate surfaces, facades with wood decor or wooden shelving. The choice is yours. The most common option is to use wood in the surface and wall panelling, so the kitchen doesn’t feel too massive and take up all the space.

How to match wooden decor to the overall design?

The biggest advantage of wood elements is that they can be perfectly matched to virtually any other material. It will work perfectly with both glossy and matt facades and surfaces of any material. In addition, other 2020. annual trend – a combination of wood and metal – with elegant metal handles matching the wood decor.

Wooden decor in the kitchen – summary

Wooden decor in the kitchen has been around for decades and nothing is expected to change. Nothing can replace the unique texture of wood. Wood and its imitations have that cosy feel that everyone loves.

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