Kitchens with character – industrial design

Industrial design

When we think of ways to design and furnish a kitchen, we often hear about minimalism, Scandinavian style and other more or less similar interior designs, but the lesser heard industrial style has also become relatively popular. It has long been recognised in America and is increasingly common in Europe.

What to consider and how to realise industrial style in your interior?

Industrial kitchens have a simple, clean and elegant look that also incorporates wood and metal elements. It’s perfect for people who put kitchen functionality above all else. If you prefer functionality, then industrial style is for you!

The industrial kitchen is dominated by dark and grey colours, textures, wood and other non-standard design elements. Grey is a great choice because it combines the smooth look of industrial style with contemporary sophistication, allowing you to easily find a balance between modern and industrial. In addition, a wall panel made of darker tiles will help to bring an industrial feel to the kitchen, but to avoid the room appearing cramped by the dark tones, it is preferable to choose a gloss-coated front and wall panel.

Open shelving is another way to bring your project closer to the industrial style standard. The industrial design stands out with its open shelving in a variety of styles, but the final choice is yours. It’s up to you to experiment and find the right solution for your kitchen.

As in any kitchen, lighting is at the top of the priority list. A bright and well-lit space is much more pleasant to work and stay in. It is therefore important to choose lighting objects that match your character and preferences. Smart kitchen lighting both enhances the details and elegance of your kitchen and makes kitchen work easier. The starting point is to understand how efficiently the room uses natural light and then incorporate LED lights or strings in the kitchen accordingly.

Industrial design – Summary

A kitchen designed in an industrial style is a great addition to the overall interior of the home, but to avoid the kitchen appearing too monotonous, our designers recommend adding a few contrasting elements, such as the elegant Myshelf solid wood shelves, which will bring a sense of cosiness to the kitchen.

If you too fancy a fresh industrial-style kitchen project, contact our team here! We will answer every question you may have and additionally create a 3D visualisation for free!

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