Storage solutions – the foundation of a functional kitchen

Storage solutions

The quality of a modern kitchen is determined by its functionality and, consequently, by the storage solutions available. Your dream kitchen’s usage habits depend on the type of storage solutions you choose and how they are implemented. Which storage solutions to consider for your kitchen project?

Upper wall cabinets

Wall cabinets that are installed above the kitchen surface are usually around 30 to 45 centimetres deep, so they won’t look too massive but will still offer great storage possibilities. Wall cabinets are a great way to gain storage space when kitchen space is compact and other options are not optimal.

Floor lockers

Cabinets you can’t imagine your kitchen without! These can range from drawers with all the organisers to shelves or basket systems. The floor cabinets are the foundation on which the rest of the kitchen design is built. Accordingly, if floor cabinets do not provide the storage you need, they should be combined with other solutions, such as upper wall cabinets.

Corner basket systems

They are often overlooked because it is common to find that corners are not handy for storing things because they are hard to reach, but modern storage solutions – basket mechanisms – elegantly solve this problem. Plus point for functionality!

Island storage solutions

The increasingly popular kitchen island provides yet another reason why it is the backbone of the modern kitchen. A kitchen island is not only a great surface to eat on, but also a large, efficient place to store everything you need for cooking.

As we mentioned, functionality is at the heart of a modern kitchen, and functionality is influenced by many different factors, but the main limitation is storage.

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