Modernais pelēkais virtuvēs

Modern grey kitchens are here to stay!

Modern grey in kitchens

There’s something special about grey – it’s just perfect for kitchen furniture. Sometimes others say they don’t like greys, but it all depends on how it’s combined with other shades. Imagine grey walls, surfaces and floors – the whole house is grey. Of course, it will seem monotonous, but if one aspect of the home, such as the kitchen, is designed in grey, it will complement the overall interior perfectly.

Neutral – White alternative

Grey often serves as a neutral canvas on which to base the rest of the interior, incorporating other bright and less bright elements. There are different ways of looking at grey, but from a design point of view, it is best seen not as a conservative colour, but as a shade to be used to highlight the most important design elements in a room. In a way, grey is indeed a less popular but no less suitable alternative to white.

Modern styles and more

Grey fronts are not only an option for modern minimal styles, but also fit in well in classic or traditional kitchens. Grey could also be called a compromise colour, as it finds a middle ground between white and black, two contrasting shades.

A wide palette to choose from

We’ve always assumed that grey is grey and that’s it, but interestingly, grey shades offer so much choice that there’s always the right one for you! Unfortunately, it has to be admitted that in Latvian these tone names can only be transcribed, as there are no direct translations. Some of the most popular are combinations of charcoal, elephant and other colours, such as blue-grey, green-grey and beige-grey.

Modern grey in kitchens, then yes or no?

It depends on the home and the design language, but grey definitely has its place in every kitchen! It brings a strong industrial or minimal feel, which can help to style kitchens in more futuristic styles. Not only does it offer great design possibilities, but grey has a functional side, hiding dirt and scratches well!

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