How to use space more efficiently in a compact kitchen?

How to use space more efficiently in a compact kitchen?

You can’t always choose the size of your kitchen and you have to work with what you’re given – the kitchen space you already have. This can limit the storage possibilities offered by kitchen furniture, but with clever planning it is possible to design a project with solutions that maximise space and add to the funckionality of the kitchen.

At the outset, what function will the kitchen serve? A place for visitors to gather? Is the kitchen just for cooking?

So, how to make the most of your existing kitchen space? What to include and what not to include?

Kitchen island

One of the most effective ways to expand your kitchen space is to replace the kitchen table with a kitchen island, which can act as both a table and an additional work surface. The kitchen island is the perfect surface to stretch out on for culinary delights or enjoying a meal.

If a kitchen island is included, the functionality of the kitchen can be perfectly complemented by the inclusion of drawers or pull-out baskets for additional items. This solution allows you to keep everything out of sight, giving your kitchen a cleaner feel.

Pull-out basket systems

Pull-out basket systems are a great storage solution not only for the kitchen island, but also for other kitchen furniture. The pull-out baskets are ideal for any kitchen where storage is scarce, as they are multifunctional and can be customised to suit your needs.

Open shelves

Every centimetre counts in a compact design, so space must be used wisely. This is made possible by the addition of open shelving in the kitchen. A tastefully chosen shelf will add to the functionality and design of your kitchen and, above all, maximise the storage possibilities in your kitchen.

Our Myshelf shelving solutions are an elegant way to add character to your kitchen project. The light oak will bring a feeling of cosiness and serve as a great design element.

Modern Minimalism

Sticking to a minimalist feel will definitely make your work in the kitchen easier. One of the most common styles today, but with good reason. The reality is that in a compact kitchen project, storage options will not be as extensive as in another larger kitchen. To ensure the functionality of the cooking area, it is important to store only the most important appliances, without which it would be impossible to cook.

How to use space more efficiently in a compact kitchen – Conclusions

When it comes to implementing the desired functionality in a compact kitchen project, it’s easy to prioritise and choose clever solutions. If you also want a new kitchen project, contact our designers here. They will find the right solution for you!

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