3 Tips to follow to give your kitchen a feeling of spaciousness.

3 tips

Kitchen space doesn’t always offer as much space as you might like, so there’s nothing to do but look for creative solutions to make the most of the space available and give the impression that it’s more spacious than it really is. There are advantages to a compact kitchen, but here are the top 3 tips to follow to give your kitchen a feeling of space.

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Choice of colours

When choosing a colour palette for your new kitchen furniture, it is important to remember how colours affect human perception. White and other light shades will create a feeling of spaciousness, but darker shades will make the room look visually smaller, so dark facades are not desirable in more compact rooms. For an extra sense of spaciousness, choose gloss-coated decors that add an extra dimension to the room with their mirror-like finish.


Lighting goes hand in hand with the choice of colour and facade coating. The more lighting the better, and in combination with glossy facades these reflections will be even more pronounced, so the effect of spaciousness will also be more noticeable. Lighting can also be installed on several levels: to illuminate the worktop, general lighting over the kitchen area, and in cupboards and drawers.

Picture of a white kitchen from the article - 3 Tips to follow to give your kitchen a feeling of spaciousness.

Kitchen layout and optimisation

For compact spaces, the L-shape is considered to be the most efficient layout, as it provides an effective way to create a compact kitchen work triangle. In addition, all surfaces that can be used should be used, so be sure to create wall cabinets and include open shelving, which serves as a design element as well as providing additional storage options.

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